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New Mexico's Leading Family Publication Since 1992

Election 2018: What the Candidates Say
They Will Do for Your Children

Compiled by Deborah Begel


On Nov. 6, New Mexicans will vote for their lawmakers. To help you make your choices, we asked candidates for governor, U.S. senator and U.S. representatives to answer the following question: If elected, what specifically would you do to improve the lives of New Mexico’s youth? Here are their answers. And please don’t forget to VOTE!


Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democrat   
If elected governor, I will work each day to provide every kid a safe environment, quality education, and meaningful opportunities. I will make New Mexico a leader in early childhood education with universal pre-K and home visiting to support new families. I’ll reform CYFD (Children, Youth and Families Department) to ensure the agency acts to protect children from abuse and find safe, stable long-term placements for kids who need it. And I’ll create a new direction for our public schools, building and funding an education system that values learning and the 21st-century skills our students need to succeed, not PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College Careers standardized test) results.

Steve Pearce, Republican    
Renewing New Mexico’s future is my goal. It means a place where kids have opportunity, safety and hope. We will fix our schools and prepare our graduates for the future. This includes college preparation and STEM (a curriculum based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and apprenticeship programs for those needing job skills right away. We will also create jobs at all levels – from hi-tech in urban areas to local jobs in rural areas across the state.  We will tackle the rampant crime problem as well. By making these changes, we can restore opportunity in New Mexico, so our kids have the choice to stay and succeed right here. 


Mick Rich, Republican  
I’ve been building and supporting schools with my construction company for 35 years. If elected, building a brighter future for kids will be a top priority. New Mexico ranks last in the U.S. for child well-being, and our high school graduation rate is also the lowest in the country. I will work hard every day to be a voice for New Mexico’s kids and families in Washington, D.C. – and one of the top issues will be fixing our schools. Our parents and our teachers – not Washington politicians – deserve to be in control of how we educate our kids.

Senator Martin T. Heinrich, Democrat
Every New Mexican deserves the opportunity to succeed, and that starts with a quality education. That’s why I will continue to fight for investments in early childhood education and initiatives like Every Kid Outdoors and STEM-based afterschool programs. Our children must also have the opportunity to continue their education – whether it’s a four-year degree or vocational training – so they can fill the jobs of the future being created in New Mexico. It’s because of that future I’ve made combating climate change and protecting our public lands a priority: So we leave behind a livable planet for our children and grandchildren.

Gary Johnson, Libertarian, a late entry into the race, did not respond by press time.


U.S. House District 1 includes voters in central New Mexico, including most of Bernalillo County.

Debra A. Haaland, Democrat       
In 2016, AdvancED looked at 832 “low performing” schools  and found that in 92.3 percent of cases, more than half of the students were living in poverty. Like our youth, I know what it’s like to struggle. Through no fault of their own, many families struggle to provide the basic needs - steady income, access to healthcare, food and clean water. To address those needs, I will fight for our youth by supporting legislation that will level the playing field: debt free college, universal pre-K, Medicare for all, strengthening our public education system and creating a renewable energy revolution. 

Janice E. Arnold-Jones, Republican  
“Children are our future!” This statement is true, and our actions make it a reality. Our children’s future is strengthened daily when parents are empowered with good paying jobs – reducing poverty – and crime, drugs and gangs are dealt with effectively – keeping our children safe. From day one, I will work on these issues as well as health care. Strengthening each parent will improve family life, even in multi-home families. Improve our education system and we have real, effective results for New Mexico’s children. I will work every day to end generational poverty, addiction and illiteracy  for New Mexico children.  

Lloyd J. Princeton, Libertarian
Families need leadership. Parents need access to services starting with prenatal care to early-childhood education. Children need access to afterschool programs, especially summer programs. Parents need to read to their children and be part of their education and parents need a choice in where they send their children to school. Children need direction in high school and to have access to apprenticeship programs and to know that vocational training can be just as good as an advanced degree. I will support these programs with Federal grants. Lastly, children need to know that the formula for success is to study hard, work hard, marry and then have children. 

U.S. House District 2 includes voters in central and southern New Mexico.  

Yvette Herrell, Republican     
Children are New Mexico’s greatest asset. Their health, safety and welfare are a top priority. I will continue to partner with our local, county and state governments to ensure the necessary tools are available to provide a quality education to our children. Preparing our students for a successful future is paramount. I will work with state and local agencies to incorporate a curriculum that will utilize trade and apprenticeship programs. Equipping students with a valuable skill-set at the time of graduation will open a door for tremendous opportunity.  

Xochitl Torres Small, Democrat  
Children and families deserve a brighter future in New Mexico. We must work together to ensure that every child in our state, regardless of where they were born or how much their family makes, has the opportunity to succeed. This starts with investing in our public education system, particularly in early childhood education, schools in low-income communities, English Language Learning programs, career planning and skills-based education, and technology updates. We must also increase access to healthcare and social services, so children can grow up healthy and ready to succeed. By improving our public education system, increasing access to healthcare, and supporting safe and thriving communities, we can ensure that every child has a strong foundation from which to build their future in New Mexico.    

U.S. House District 3 includes voters in central and northern New Mexico.  

Ben R. Lujan, Democrat (incumbent)
New Mexico must be worthy of our kids. Children shouldn't go hungry and they should have every opportunity to learn and grow. School must nurture and challenge students to bring out the best. Trade Schools, community colleges and universities must teach skills for workers to strengthen our economy. I'm working to make college more affordable and pre-K more accessible, increase wages with our economy, preserve our environment and protect the Affordable Care Act so everyone can have healthcare. I know New Mexicans are resilient and resourceful and we can build a brighter future. When we work together, we win together!

Jerald Steve McFall, Republican     
As a father and grandfather, education is most important for our children. As a congressman, it is in our best interest to make sure that we have the best education system in the world and that each and every child has access to that education. The right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and to own property must be part of that education. Our children must understand the freedom we enjoy was not free and many people died to protect this freedom. Each child will know the freedom they are born with allows them to write their own life story. 

Christopher Manning, Libertarian     
The steps I would take to improve the lives of the children in New Mexico are two-fold. First, I’m committed to improving the educational outcomes of our children. I’ve laid out specific  ways to do this on my campaign website. By returning the decision-making authority to the local level, parents and teachers will be empowered to make the changes they feel needed to improve their community. Second is reducing the tax burden the government imposes on parents. I want you to keep as much of what you earned as possible, so you can provide for your children. 

Important election dates from the Secretary of State’s office:
Tuesday, October 9
Last day to register to vote in the General Election. County clerks will begin sending absentee ballots. In-person voting will be available at each county clerk’s office during normal business hours. In Bernalillo County, in-person
voting will be available at the Clerk’s Annex.
Saturday, October 20
Countywide early voting begins.
Friday, November 2
Last day for county clerks to send absentee ballots to voters.
Saturday, November 3
Last day of countywide early voting.
Tuesday, November 6
General Election Day. Last day for voters to return an absentee ballot to their county clerk’s office or an Election Day polling location.