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New Mexico Kids! family magazine is a bimonthly tabloid filled with detailed listings of activities for children, teens and their parents, grandparents and teachers, along with comprehensive directories of public and private schools, summer camps, afterschool programs and other vital resources.

About 30,000 copies of New Mexico Kids! are distributed to more than 350 locations in Albuquerque, the East Mountains, Corrales, Placitas, Bernalillo, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Eldorado and Española.

Each issue features a full-color reproduction of a New Mexico child's painting on the cover, and contains articles filled with practical tips and ideas for raising New Mexico children. In New Mexico Kids! family magazine, you won't find the generic parenting articles you can find elsewhere. We offer local help to local families.

New Mexico Kids! is a must-read for anyone who has or works with children or teens, birth through college.

New Mexico's Leading Family Publication Since 1992

5 Tips when traveling with Kids ages 1-12

As the weather gets warmer, and the end of the school year is near, this means starting to plan some travel time. Traveling in a plane or on long car trips can seem intimidating, especially when you have small children. Here are 5 tips that may help put your mind at ease:


  1. Kids of all ages need to feel comfort in knowing what will happen next. If you have been planning a trip, talk to your kids about it. Get them excited about where you’re going by showing them pictures or videos of where your adventure will take you. Kids need to feel in control just as much as parents do. Letting them be a part of the conversation helps them feel like they are a part of the planning process. If you’re going on a plane, explain what will happen when you get to the airport, when you get on the plane and while you’re flying. Remind them of the pictures you looked at together and the fun you’re going to have.


  1. Kids love surprises and sometimes giving them something to look forward to will help them follow directions -- knowing they will be rewarded in the long run. When you’re out buying things for your trip, stop at a dollar store for a few items for the car, train or plane. If you have toddlers, keep a most of the items in your bag and bring out only a few things at a time so they will continue to wonder what surprises you have in there. Introduce something new when they start to get fussy. With older kids, you can pack their very own backpacks for the trip, but don’t let them see what’s inside until you are traveling.


  1. We can’t exclude the media devices. Many planes now have free TV on board, which is nice. You don’t have to pay for Wi-Fi unless you want to use the Internet and you can rent movies now with out paying for Wi-Fi as well.  If you want to make sure you are set, rent or buy movies on Amazon or iTunes and download them onto your devices before you go. Then you don’t need Wi-Fi. You can do the same with games. If you download them before you start your journey, you kids will be set. But don’t forget a charger!


  1. Here’s a list of cool things to buy for your kids!


  • A new coloring book with fresh crayons
  • A new exciting sippy cup or water bottle
  • A small soft stuffed animal
  • A new book you’ve never read
  • A small new toy that’s unopened
  • Candy or snacks you don’t give them very often.  A ring pop will keep older kids occupied for hours.
  • New markers and a fresh new pad of paper


5.   For traveling with small children who still breast feed or take bottles or pacifiers: Try to wait to feed your baby until you get on the plane. It will comfort them after the hustle and bustle of waiting to board. Try to introduce a new snack (yogurt bites or teething crackers) if they get fussy. With toddlers, bringing out that new sippy cup with their favorite character on it will help about now. Also, letting them choose a new juice, just for the plane ride, will make them feel in control and may settle them down. Then you can put the drink in the new cup and they can help too. Toddlers love control. Working with them is always helpful. Take out a new toy, book or snack each time they get upset. Waiting, and not letting them see what else is in your bag also helps with anticipation. It really works!


Remember, nothing will ever go exactly the way you think it will. But if you’re prepared for the worst, things should go your way. Having extra hand wipes and diapers is a MUST. Trial and error is part of life so remember to enjoy yourself and have a great trip! Happy Traveling!